Premier Dead Sea Aromatic Body Butter

Premier Dead Sea Aromatic Body Butter

For Skin as Soft as Silk

Premier Dead Sea is a well-established, world-wide company that specializes in beauty products. Harnessing the richest of ingredients the Dead Sea has to offer, Premier creates many of the highest quality products available on the market today. Among these products, the categories of facial, body, and nail care are among some of the most popular. Within the body care category is one of Premier’s top selling products, the Aromatic Body Butter.

This supremely rich, silky, aromatic Dead Sea Body Butter quickly absorbs into the skin to make it soft and silky smooth. The creamy all-over body butter is ideal for treating dry, cracked skin, as it melts at body temperature and absorbs easily and smoothly. This product may be applied all over the body in soft circular motions, generally used twice daily after a cleansing bath or shower for best results.

It comes in three scents: milk and honey, herbal, and passion fruit. The scents are all very pleasing, yet subtle enough not to become overpowering and pungent over time. Also, the body butter comes packaged in beautiful containers that come in two sizes, 10.2 Oz. and 5.95 Oz. sizes. These sizes can last a long time depending on area of application. Due to the concentration of the Body Butter’s ingredients, a little bit can cover a large area without leaving the skin feeling greasy. Also, the Aromatic Body Butter has been featured in various cosmetic magazines including Vogue and Traveler. This prestige is a testament to the quality of the Premier line of skincare.

Generally sold as a great compliment to the Exfoliating Salt Scrub, the Aromatic Body Butter is a great product for use after a proper exfoliation or deep cleansing. It locks in the moisture of the skin while softening the outer layer, creating a soft and rejuvenating feeling to the skin. Even after the first application, there is a remarkable difference to be noticed in the texture of the skin. However, repeated applications continue to soften and rebalance the skin back to its original state of youthful vigor.

The Aromatic Body Butter is a high end product in the world of skincare, but fear not, for it is also one of the most affordable products Premier offers. It gently delivers the Dead Sea minerals and Liposomes that are not found in conventional moisturizing creams and is available for a great value. As part of any daily skincare regimen, moisturizing should be a part of it so why waste time and money looking elsewhere. Remember, skin care is ultimately part of maintaining our health so grab an order of Premier’s skin silkening Body Butter today!