Tackle cellulite the Premier Dead Sea way

Tackle cellulite the Premier Dead Sea way

Cellulite is a problem suffered by the vast majority of women, some of whom resort to desperate measures in a bid to reduce its unsightly appearance. This distressing condition can appear on the thighs and abdomen, as well as the back of the arms giving skin a spongy dimpled appearance – certainly not the best look on the beach!

The causes of cellulite are still not entirely clear, but genetics probably play a part, as well as hormones and lifestyle factors. Somewhat surprisingly body fat content is not thought to play an overriding part, since even the slimmest of women count cellulite a beauty problem.

Ridding the body of cellulite takes time and patience – by sticking to a strict exercise routine and switching to a healthier diet some headway can be made, but the effects won’t get seen until the long term. That’s why for some, cellulite becomes such an issue that cosmetic surgery becomes an option to fix the problem quickly, via body sculpturing procedures.

A targeted topical solution

Before considering such a drastic step it’s definitely worth giving Premier Dead Sea’s Cellulite Unique Intensive Control Cream a try. Containing a mixture of Dead Sea mud and plant extracts, selected for their ability to enhance the skin’s requirements, it effectively combats cellulite leaving behind smooth, soft bump-free skin.

The cream should be gently massaged into the skin to achieve the most effective results. The massaging action also stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system into clearing the skin of the toxins thought to bring about cellulite. It can also be used in conjunction with one of Premier Dead Sea’s body scrubs to refine and polish the skin removing dead skin cells and leaving it more toned and healthier looking and feeling.