Care for your hair

Care for your hair


Premier Dead Sea is recognized for its award-winning skin care products, but you may not be aware that it also has an extensive range of hair care products too. Just like the luxury skin care range the hair care range draws on science and nature in formulations that will leave scalp and hair in top condition.

Dandruff is a very common condition, known to have a number of causes including dry skin, irritated, oily skin, eczema, or simply not shampooing enough to clear skin of dead skin cells. Sometimes the scalp is sensitive to certain ingredients in hair products including some hair dyes or styling products which irritate the scalp causing it to become flaky and dry. Premier Dead Sea has an Anti-Dandruff Shampoo which has a threefold action to eliminate dandruff. The secret formulation has its origins in nature with root acids, Ginseng and minerals all part of the mix.

Replenish damaged hair

If your hair has become damaged either through use of too many styling aids or from environmental pollutants, Premier Dead Sea has the ideal product. You need only a few drops of Thick Silicon Complex for Damaged Hair to help mend dryness and split ends, and help hair regain a lustrous shine. To help guard against hair loss, Premier’s Delicate Hair Preventative Care Shampoo contains a secret mixture of natural ingredients proven to help keep hair fuller and healthier.

Premier Dead Sea’s Nourishing Mud Mask for the hair is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, plant extracts, liposomes, essential oils and vitamins. This rich mud formulation helps to strengthen the hair’s roots, and re-balance the scalp, adding vitality, shine and moisture for healthy looking hair. The Luxury Hair Cream is another essential aid to achieving shiny, nourished hair leaving it moisturized and elastic, ready to be styled to perfection.